2017 Art Plan!


Holy bananas, it’s 2017.

This time of year is difficult for most of us – we determine how we feel about ourselves based on a tally of the good and bad from the last 12 months.

I know that for me personally, I didn’t expect 2016 to go the way it did.

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Should I Give Up On My Dreams?

Did you know we tend to be unhappy when our minds are wandering? There are studies about this. Very legit stuff, by people whose job it is to study the human brain.

This scared me a little – since my mind was almost always meandering down its own weird path. It went something like:

Am I really cut out for a creative job ?

Can I still be happy if I didn’t get paid to do art ?

If I find a full time job elsewhere, have I given up ?

When should I give up ?


Sound familiar?

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