2017 Art Plan!


Holy bananas, it’s 2017.

This time of year is difficult for most of us – we determine how we feel about ourselves based on a tally of the good and bad from the last 12 months.

I know that for me personally, I didn’t expect 2016 to go the way it did.

Honestly, I can’t hep but feel like I really could’ve set more goals for myself. I had all these ideas floating in my head – all of which I either forgot or postponed because I didn’t set goals.

It’s super easy for full-time work and personal life to make up your entire existence. Personal goals are a lot tougher to work towards!

I reckon the best way to achieve those goals is by putting it into a plan of action. If you’re a passive person by nature, it’s going to be a foreign feeling. But I’m thinking of all the stuff I missed and putting it into my 2017 Art Plan.

Here’s mine:

Create everyday

Stop making excuses. Even if it’s just a two minute doodle of a noodle, create something!!

 Have 8 prints available for sale by Xmas 2017

I thought this would miraculously happen in 2016  -_-

Invest in equipment

Stay curious about different media and upgrade my computer.

Publish weekly blog post

If I’m creating content everyday as per the first goal, this shouldn’t be a problem!

Support other artists

I don’t appreciate other artists enough. Start by finding a favourite piece from an artist I like and buying a print!

I think the goals are pretty specific – which is exactly what my clutter-brain needs. Join me and let’s get more stuff out there this year.

Follow my blog to watch my progress. For more updates, follow me on Instagram!

Got a 2017 Art Plan of your own? Share them below in the comments (:







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